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  • American Psychiatric Association (APA)
    Home of the DSM-IV-TR, the APA provides the latest information on practice, career development and research.

  • BehaveNet
    Resources on terminology, diagnosis, treatment and psychopharmacology.

  • Download of Psychiatry - Online Textbook
    Complete textbook available to download, aimed at medical students to cover the major mental disorders and their treatment. S. Pridmore (2006), Download of Psychiatry. University of Tasmania.

  • Dr. Ivan's Depression Central
    Numerous detailed articles on depression and its interaction with other psychiatric disorders.

  • DSM-5 - American Psychiatric Association
    Publication of the fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in May 2013. This website contains the current proposals for the new edition as well as evidence used in its development.

  • eMedicine - Psychiatry
    eMedicine complete resource of psychiatry. Contains detailed articles on a wide range psychiatric conditions.

  • Internet Mental Health
    Website dedicated to detailing all the major conditions and latest research, for students, mental health professionals and interested members of the public.

  • Merck Manual of Psychiatry
    Merck online manual for health professionals. Contains detailed information on a range of psychiatric disorders.

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